Robbie Deffense is an Irish/Spanish Filmmaker, born and raised in Portugal.

At age 13, he first discovered the power of filmmaking.It involved cardboard boxes, green fabric and toy guns. 

He cloned himself..

Having graduated with a BA(Hons) in Film, Theatre & Television from the University of Reading, followed by a film production course with Iconic Steps and The BFI, he has spent a lot of time on sets, ranging from short fiction films and music videos, to also having produced content for a multi-award winning start-up in London. 

Robbie is extremely passionate about filmmaking and is always interested in producing film and video content. In his spare time Robbie enjoys developing new projects through good films, good food and fine (inexpensive) wine.

There have been times that Robbie has also been known to put his talents towards acting. (click to find out more)